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Sumeet Yadav

Software Developer

Studies BSc in Computer Science. Specializing in Software Development. I have worked on a wide variety of projects that have allowed me to put what I’ve learned in the classroom into use in a practical sense. If you want to get more details here is my resume to Download

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Latest Projects.


Stock Prediction with Machine Learning.

This Project explains a Machine Learning algorithm called Recurrent Neural Network (RNN), it's a common Deep Learning technique used for continuous data pattern recognition. Recurrent Neural Network take into account how data changes over time, it's typically used for time-series data (stock prices, sensor readings, etc). Recurrent Neural Network can also be used for video analysis.


Spam Detection with Machine Learning.

We used a public SMS Spam dataset, which is not a purely clean dataset. The data consists of two different columns (features), such as context, and class. The column context is referring to SMS. The column class may take a value that can be either spam or ham corresponding to related SMS context.


Food Clustering with Python.

The general principle of the food clustering project is to retrieve the Instagram posts related to food over a certain period of time and cluster them. The clustering is performed thanks to the tags put by the user.


Latest Blogs


Why one should write Clean Code?

Writing clean code is important because it allows you to clearly communicate with the next person who works with what you've written. Being able to return to previously written code and understand what it does is key, especially in the software development world.


No Nonse Advice for a Programmer.

If you want to start programming, there has to be a reason for that. Whether its that you love writing code, you want to have a more lucrative career, or that you are doing a bunch of Excel work and you want to make that more efficient. Keep track of that reason; programming is hard, and you will get frustrated sometimes.


Why start ‘C’ as your first Programming Language.

To a beginner programmer, the biggest question is where to start. Which language to choose from the mighty pool of 100's of languages. This is was the same question I asked myself when I started writing my first program. I tried many languages but finally, I came to C, the most beautiful and charming language of all.


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